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Analytics and Reporting Made Simple

Discover the Power of ConnectQRs's Analytics:

Enhanced Offline Campaign Measurement

With ConnectQR, measure the real impact of your offline campaigns. Improve targeting strategies in the offline realm by tracking user behaviour concerning location, time, and devices used.

Empowerment Through First-Party Data

Integrate Facebook Pixels and Google AdWords ID seamlessly into your QR Code campaigns. Unlock the potential to retarget audiences across various social channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display Network, leveraging valuable first-party data

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Insightful Email Reports

Stay informed effortlessly with scheduled email reports. Receive detailed insights into scan performance—weekly, monthly, or both—directly in your inbox. These reports include aggregated scan data and breakdowns by location and time, keeping you consistently informed about campaign performance

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Streamlined Scalability

Experience the Ease of Scalability:

Centralised Management

Seamlessly manage vast volumes of scans concurrently through our centralised platform, ensuring effortless oversight and control.

Flexible Brand Customisation

Tailor your brand's identity effortlessly by adding or customising numerous sub-domains, and URLs according to your specific needs.

Efficient QR Code Handling

ConnectQR stands out by facilitating quick creation and organisation of thousands of QR Codes within seconds.

Enhanced Security Measures

Ensuring QR Code Protection- Right Here in Australia:

  • Australian-Based Security: Your QR Codes are safeguarded with robust security measures, backed by our commitment to Australian-based protection protocols.
  • Data Safety Measures: Embrace safety with our anomaly detection framework, guarding your data against anomalies in user scan behaviour. This proactive approach maintains data integrity, safeguarding your campaigns from skewed analytics.

Reliable Support at Your Fingertips

Discover Our Commitment to Service:

Consistent Uptime

Benefit from our unwavering service reliability, boasting an impressive 99.9% uptime over the past 12 months, ensuring uninterrupted accessibility.

Round-the-Clock Assistance

Access our 24x7 support, providing continuous assistance whenever you need it, ensuring prompt resolutions to your queries or concerns.

Instant Status Updates

Stay informed in real-time with updates on service status, enabling you to monitor and track the platform's performance seamlessly.

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