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Contactless Registration

Enjoy Contactless Registration with Dynamic QR Codes

People don’t want to stand in lines or spend time filling out paper forms because these processes are tedious and time-consuming. Simplifying the registration process by making it faster and more efficient increases the participant’s overall experience and dynamic QR codes can be deployed in various ways to do just that.

Eliminating these inconveniences can improve engagement for activities such as loyalty program registration, feedback and surveys and event registration.

This benefits businesses more than by just speeding up registrations as it improves operational efficiency as well. Employees won’t have to spend time distributing, collecting or checking registration forms and they can work on other more important tasks instead. All registrations can now be digitally processed leading to opportunities in improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, feedback, and other analytical touchpoints.

Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Codes for Contactless Registration

Speed and Efficiency

Scanning a QR code is a much faster action than entering a URL into a phone browser or filling out a registration form. Once a QR code is scanned, the digital form is easier to fill out and this results in more completed registrations.

Standing in line to receive the form is done away with as multiple people can scan the same QR code

and they can show their completed registration at a counter or receive a confirmation QR, which they can scan at a designated entry point. Finally, you can track every registration easily with the analytics dashboard.


Paper forms are susceptible to environmental damage, theft and much worse. Crucially, there could be errors in entering incorrect data from the form itself into your database leading to bigger issues down the line.

QR codes don’t suffer from these issues because they are secured through data encryption.

You can also seamlessly move your data around digitally and you can even set up online forms so that all necessary fields are correctly filled out before allowing confirmation.


Printing, storing and then processing registration forms all add up in terms of labour costs as well. With a dynamic QR code system, you no longer have to print registration forms as it all takes place digitally.

You can also save on labour costs by assigning fewer employees to the registration process

as contactless registration seeks to entirely do away with one-to-one interactions between people.

Here’s how QR codes are leveraged for Contactless Registration in various industries

Events and Event Management

  • Reach wider audiences through QR codes placed on posters, flyers, and websites that lead to your event registration page.
  • Registration and verification at the venue is more efficient with QR code scanning technology. Attendees can simply enter the event upon having their QR confirmation scanned.


  • Contactless registrations for appointments are more convenient and reduce disease spread.
  • Patients can also register for webinars and seminars on specific medical topics more easily with QR codes.

Insightful Email Reports

  • Increase registrations to your loyalty programs and promotional campaigns with online and offline QR codes.
  • Customers can easily register for loyalty programs and they can sign up for promotional offers more easily as well.


  • Airlines are moving to QR codes for check-ins because this contactless solution streamlines the air travel experience.
  • Hotels have also started using QR codes for their check-ins to avoid crowded hotel lobbies and improve their guest experience.

Real Estate

  • Open house registrations through QR codes attract more prospects as people find it more accessible.
  • They can also register for email newsletters for properties in certain areas growing your marketing reach further.

Seminars and Conferences

  • Attendees can register for the event and book slots for specific sessions by scanning QR codes.
  • They can easily enter the event venue by showing the confirmation QR code on their device for scanning and the same process can be repeated for bookings within your event

Steps to Set Up Your QR Codes for Contactless Registration

Creating a QR Code campaign is straightforward. Follow these steps to generate dynamic QR Codes to help you engage with more people:

Choose a QR Code Generator

Pick a user-friendly QR Code generator like ConnectQR, offering dynamic QR Codes with unlimited scans.


Select the Dynamic QR Code Type

You can create a URL code for form submission that links to your registration database.

Customise with Branding

Personalise your QR Codes with colours, logos, and branding elements using ConnectQR for free.


Test Your QR Code

After customisation, test the QR Code to ensure it works when you need it for your networking events.

Download in Preferred Format

Download the QR Code in JPG, PNG, or SVG as per your preference.


Analyse and Track Scans

Monitor scan effectiveness by tracking dates, times, and countries.

Create Your QR Code

Contactless registration provides convenience and efficiency in diverse situations leading to happier people and better outcomes. Incorporating dynamic QR codes for this purpose will save money and bring larger audiences to your business.

Why Choose ConnectQR

Australian Made and Owned

ConnectQR, prioritises the security and integrity of your data. Australian-made and owned, your valuable data is safe and secure. We adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Ease of Use

Navigating our platform is a breeze. Designed with a visual and intuitive interface, ConnectQR streamlines the process of creating QR campaigns. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome a user-friendly experience that expedites your campaign setup.

Speedy Adoption

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. Our platform requires minimal training, enabling your team to dive right in. By eliminating the need for extensive training, ConnectQR ensures swift implementation, allowing you to witness results in no time.

ConnectQR is a potent and straightforward solution. Experience the same ease and effectiveness in harnessing QR codes for your business needs.


Tailoring QR codes to communicate effectively is our forte. Whether it's linking consumer products to their origin or integrating digital layers over existing systems, ConnectQR offers robust customisation options to meet your specific campaign goals.

Track Performance

Understanding campaign performance is key to optimisation. With ConnectQR, you gain access to detailed analytics through our platform. Monitor and analyse QR code performance seamlessly, empowering you to tweak campaigns and amplify consumer engagement.

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