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Networking Events

Make more connections with QR codes at Networking Events

Whether you are looking for new clients or new collaborators, networking events are brimming with optimism and opportunities.

Sharing your contact information, making a great first impression and providing compelling details about your business all go a long way in helping you explore your new relationship. QR codes can improve all of these interactions and perhaps even impress your new contacts while doing so.

Put your best foot forward by presenting the QR codes that make contacting you really easy or link to your business website so that people can read more about you. Creating these seamless connections will make personal interactions less awkward and give you more time to meet as many new people as possible.

Here’s how you can use Dynamic QR Codes to build stronger personal connections:

vCards for practical and convenient contact sharing

Creating your business vCard centralises all your important contact details. You’ll be able to share your phone number and email address along with your social handles very easily in one vCard.

Every person you meet at an event can quickly scan your vCard QR code and instantly receive all your details which they can save on their device.

Worrying about carrying business cards is now a thing of the past because connecting with new contacts just got a much needed upgrade.

Your portfolio travels with you everywhere

In certain networking interactions, you might get asked to show your recent work and you might ask to email this but wouldn’t it make more sense to showcase what you do best right there? Creating a URL QR code that links to your portfolio online makes this happen faster than ever before.

Instead of awkwardly trying to input the URL in their browser or trying to send them the link,

a quick scan leads to them seeing your work on their device. This is even more helpful because you can actually guide them through your work and give them insights into how you could both work together in the future.

Book a meeting with them on the spot

If an interaction with a new prospect/collaborator has gone well, you might agree to email them to discuss a meeting time later but with a QR code linked to your business calendar, you could get a meeting confirmed immediately.

All they have to do is scan the QR code that leads to your Calendly link or Calendar app of choice and they can choose a meeting slot that is most convenient for them.

You save each other’s time and get one step closer to a fruitful meeting.

Convert prospects into customers

Some interactions go extremely well and they could lead to a sales opportunity but without a convenient way to close the deal, you could lose out to indecision. Creating a URL QR code that leads to your product page or landing page could contribute to pushing a deal through.

The prospect simply has to scan your QR code to go directly to the page and begin the purchasing/booking process.

Don’t miss out on any sales opportunities especially when you have the advantage of being there in person.

Steps to Set Up Your QR Codes for Effective Networking

Creating a QR Code campaign is straightforward. Follow these steps to generate dynamic QR Codes to help you engage with more people:

Choose a QR Code Generator

Pick a user-friendly QR Code generator like ConnectQR, offering dynamic QR Codes with unlimited scans.


Select the Dynamic QR Code Type

Decide the purpose—whether it's a Website, vCard, or Social Media QR Code—for your networking event.

Customise with Branding

Personalise your QR Codes with colours, logos, and branding elements using ConnectQR for free.


Test Your QR Code

After customisation, test the QR Code to ensure it works when you need it for your networking events.

Download in Preferred Format

Download the QR Code in JPG, PNG, or SVG as per your preference.


Analyse and Track Scans

Monitor scan effectiveness by tracking dates, times, and countries.

Create Your QR Code

Contactless registration provides convenience and efficiency in diverse situations leading to happier people and better outcomes. Incorporating dynamic QR codes for this purpose will save money and bring larger audiences to your business.

Why Choose ConnectQR

Australian Made and Owned

ConnectQR, prioritises the security and integrity of your data. Australian-made and owned, your valuable data is safe and secure. We adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Ease of Use

Navigating our platform is a breeze. Designed with a visual and intuitive interface, ConnectQR streamlines the process of creating QR campaigns. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome a user-friendly experience that expedites your campaign setup.

Speedy Adoption

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. Our platform requires minimal training, enabling your team to dive right in. By eliminating the need for extensive training, ConnectQR ensures swift implementation, allowing you to witness results in no time.

ConnectQR is a potent and straightforward solution. Experience the same ease and effectiveness in harnessing QR codes for your business needs.


Tailoring QR codes to communicate effectively is our forte. Whether it's linking consumer products to their origin or integrating digital layers over existing systems, ConnectQR offers robust customisation options to meet your specific campaign goals.

Track Performance

Understanding campaign performance is key to optimisation. With ConnectQR, you gain access to detailed analytics through our platform. Monitor and analyse QR code performance seamlessly, empowering you to tweak campaigns and amplify consumer engagement.

*Dynamic QR only

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