Al-Powered QR Codes

Transform ordinary QR codes into artistic designs using generative Al technology

Unlock the potential of your digital campaigns
with our new Al-powered QR Codes.

These QR codes are expertly crafted to engage your audience with unique, brand-aligned designs that elevate scan rates. Benefit from secure, personalised user experiences and access detailed analytics to gauge performance and drive targeted engagement, optimising your strategies for greater impact.

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Dynamic QR Codes vs. Static QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes

  • Can be modified even post-printing

  • Provide tracking and analytics through QR code scanning

  • Can enhance user experience by updating content

  • Used for marketing campaigns, Event tracking


Static QR Codes

  • Cannot be altered after being made

  • Lack QR code scanning tracking capabilities

  • Consistent user experience, content remains the same

  • Used for simple information sharing, Wi-Fi passwords

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ConnectQR Feature Offerings

Dynamic QR Codes

Effortlessly create dynamic QR codes linked to your content using our advanced QR code generator, providing versatile solutions for your campaigns.

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Page Builder

Craft engaging, consumer-centric landing pages effortlessly with our intuitive and user-friendly page builder, designed to captivate and convert.

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Form Builder

Seamlessly integrate customisable forms to gather first-party consumer data, empowering you to understand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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QR Code Scan Analytics

Gain invaluable insights into customer engagement and behaviour through our comprehensive analytics suite, allowing you to optimise strategies and drive meaningful interactions.

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User Permission and Custom Roles

Ensure heightened security and streamlined workflows by assigning precise access levels to each team member, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

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Billing and Subscription Management

Simplify financial management with our easy-to-use interface, allowing you to effortlessly handle billing details and invoicing in one centralised platform.

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Multi-Company Management

Streamline operations across multiple companies with our centralised oversight, offering a cohesive approach to managing and optimising your strategies across various entities.

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Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Meta Pixel

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Enhancing QR Code Generators through Advanced Integrations

Providing robust data tracking and analytics.

Simplifying tag management for better control and efficiency

Enhancing advertising campaign optimization and effectiveness

Enabling advanced tracking and retargeting capabilities

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Types of QR Codes

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