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QR Codes for Product Packaging

Why is a QR Code on product packaging so effective?

The effectiveness of a QR Code on product packaging lies in its swift usability, enabling quick access to various benefits:

Convenient Information Access

Instantly share product details and specifications.

Discounts and Deals

Distribute coupons and relevant offers swiftly.

App Promotion

Easily boost app downloads through QR Code links.

Visual Product Engagement

Showcase product videos for enhanced consumer insight.

Post-Purchase Engagement

Facilitate easy re-orders, fostering continued engagement.

Efficient Checkouts

Enable swift 'scan-and-go' for expedited purchases.

QR Codes streamline access to diverse information and services, making them a highly effective tool for engaging consumers quickly and conveniently.

How to Create QR Codes for Product Packaging in 8 Simple Steps

Creating a QR Code campaign is straightforward. Follow these steps to generate dynamic QR Codes for your marketing strategies:

Choose a QR Code Generator

Pick a user-friendly QR Code generator like ConnectQR, offering dynamic QR Codes with unlimited scans.


Select the Dynamic QR Code Type

Decide the purpose—whether it's a Website, Video, or Social Media QR Code—for your product packaging.

Customise with Branding

Personalise your QR Codes with colours, logos, and branding elements using ConnectQR for free.


Test Your QR Code

After customisation, test the QR Code to ensure functionality aligns with your campaign objectives.

Download in Preferred Format

Download the QR Code in JPG, PNG, or SVG as per your preference.


Analyse and Track Scans

Monitor scan effectiveness by tracking dates, times, and countries.

Create Your QR Code

QR Code Placement on Different Product Packaging Types

Primary Packaging

Material Diversity

Key Information

Visual Appeal

QR Code Functions

Secondary Packaging

Containment Box

Information Requirements

QR Code Options

Tertiary Packaging

Shipping Containers

Branding Reinforcement

By strategically placing QR Codes on different packaging levels, companies can efficiently deliver diverse information to consumers while enhancing brand engagement across various touchpoints.

Best Practices for QR Code Usage on Product Packaging

Add Vibrant Colours

Colourful QR Codes attract more scans and engagement. Opt for vibrant designs to enhance appeal.

Ensure Scannability

Test the QR Code for readability before printing. Avoid colours that hinder scanning. Ensure a minimum size of 2 cm x 2 cm for clear scanning capability.

Craft Compelling CTAs

Include a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that entices consumers to scan the QR Codes, offering value or benefits.

Strategic Placement

Avoid placing QR Codes on folds or corners. Opt for a prominent, front-and-centre location that's easily visible to consumers, facilitating quick access.

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