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QR Codes for Marketing

Maximising QR Codes for Effective Marketing Campaigns

To ensure your QR Codes power impactful marketing campaigns, consider these key practices. Remember, they should not just look good but also entice consumers to scan.

Compelling Call to Action

Accompany your QR Code with a strong and relevant call to action (CTA). Using a QR Code frame enhances its appeal.

Tailor to Your Campaign

Customise your QR code with brand colours and logos to align with your campaign.

Strategic Placement

Opt for high-contrast, easily scannable QR Codes. Avoid dark backgrounds that hinder readability. Place them visibly for users.

Preserve Proportions

Resize QR Codes for posters or billboards while maintaining their original proportions. Distorted codes are hard to scan.

Enhance Visibility

Allow whitespace around the QR Code to distinguish it from its surroundings and aid scanners.

Simplify Usage

Avoid using multiple QR Codes on one poster, which can confuse users.

Quality Matters

Ensure high-quality, clear QR Codes without blurriness. Blurred codes reflect poorly on your campaign and hamper scanning.

Size Matters

Adjust QR Code sizes based on usage. Larger ones suit billboards, while smaller ones fit in-store posters. Maintain a 10:1 scan distance-to-size ratio.

Consider Scanning Time

Avoid placing QR Codes on moving vehicles due to differing scanning times based on devices. It may not provide sufficient time for scanning.

Optimise Landing Pages

Link QR Codes to mobile-optimised landing pages for a seamless user experience.

Pre-Print Testing

Test QR Codes thoroughly before printing to ensure they're clear and scannable, preventing issues post-distribution.

Track Performance

Monitor dynamic QR Code data (scans, devices used) during and after the campaign to optimise its performance effectively.

*Dynamic QR only

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By adhering to these practices, your QR Codes become not just visually appealing but also highly functional, maximising their impact on your marketing efforts.

Steps to Set Up Your QR Code Marketing Campaign

Creating a QR Code campaign is straightforward. Follow these steps to generate dynamic QR Codes for your marketing strategies:

Pick a Reliable QR Code Generator

Choose a trustworthy QR Code generator that suits your campaign needs. Access its dashboard.


Select the Dynamic QR Code Type

Decide on the type of dynamic QR Code required—like Website QR Codes or PDF QR Codes—aligned with your campaign goals.

Generate Your Dynamic
QR Code

Fill in necessary details and add flair by personalising it with creative templates, patterns, frames, and more.


Test Your QR Code

After customisation, test the QR Code to ensure functionality aligns with your campaign objectives.

Download and Attach to Marketing Material

Once verified, download the QR Code in your preferred format. Attach it to your marketing materials to launch your campaign.


Analyse and Track Scans

Monitor scan effectiveness by tracking dates, times, and countries.

Create Your QR Code

This step-by-step guide simplifies the process of setting up dynamic QR Code campaigns, making it seamless and effective for your marketing endeavours.

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