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Real Estate

Connect with more prospects through QR codes for Real Estate

Dealing with more competitors in a crowded real estate market means you need to gain an advantage to get your properties in front of the right prospects.

From detailed property listings to easier open house invites, QR codes can help you gain that edge over the competition.

A single dynamic QR code for one listed property can easily be used in a printed brochure, a flyer or even a webpage while tracking every scan for key metrics that help you design better marketing campaigns. All of this leads to increased engagement and more interested leads for your properties.

Dynamic QR Codes quickly integrate into your Real Estate operations:

Sign up more attendees for your property showings and events

Event landing pages or even social media event pages are designed to attract more attendees but their effectiveness increases when they get more traffic. Dynamic QR codes are a versatile way of getting in front of your audience in as many places as possible.

You can insert these QR codes onto flyers around the neighbourhood,

add them to property listings in print media or promote them through social media channels to widen your audience.

Your detail-rich listings stand out from the crowd

Most printed listings are edited down to fit onto pages and beyond a few small photos they fail to visually represent what a space really looks like. However, not all listings can be exclusively digital because that cuts out too many prospective buyers.

QR codes can help you bridge the gap with hybrid listings that present the most compelling information in the limited space so readers can scan the QR code for more details.

These online or print listings can now present virtual tours, short videos and much more to give prospects a better idea of every property in your portfolio.

Effective in both online and offline channels

QR codes fit naturally in any channel from online newsletters to flyers on the street. They help you diversify your outreach by giving you more opportunities to reach out to prospective customers.

Traditional marketing channels are notoriously difficult to measure but ConnectQR’s analytics provide much more insight to these methods.

You’ll be able to optimise your marketing with more confidence in the future with this approach.

Grow your leads across the board

Generating leads is a multidisciplinary approach ranging from inbound marketing that needs content such as virtual tours and videos to outbound methods such as property fairs and sales events. However, you can only spot patterns or learn about customer behaviour by collecting these leads in a cohesive and organised manner.

Whether it is presenting your virtual business card (vCard) or using the dynamic QR codes to drive traffic to your property landing pages,

ConnectQR helps you track every incoming lead in one place. You’ll see which channels are effective, which activities drive the most interest and how your leads turn into customers so you can make better decisions in the future.

Must-have Dynamic QR code uses that grow your real estate business

Share virtual tours and property videos

Showcase your properties with standalone pages for videos and virtual tours

vCards are more convenient

List all your contact details and even your social media handles in your vCard (virtual card) for instant sharing

Promote the property locally

Let everyone in the neighbourhood know that your property in on the market with QR codes on local posters and flyers

List multiple properties easily at property shows

QR codes lead to detailed property pages while taking up less space in crowded public areas

More registrations for your open house

QR-linked open house event pages can reach more people, online and offline

Lead tracking and optimisation

ConnectQR’s dashboard provides essential demographic and geographic information about every scan

Give your prospects every opportunity to view your properties conveniently by placing QR codes wherever they are likely to see them, leading to more interest and more sales.

Why Choose ConnectQR

Australian Made and Owned

ConnectQR, prioritises the security and integrity of your data. Australian-made and owned, your valuable data is safe and secure. We adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Ease of Use

Navigating our platform is a breeze. Designed with a visual and intuitive interface, ConnectQR streamlines the process of creating QR campaigns. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome a user-friendly experience that expedites your campaign setup.

Speedy Adoption

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. Our platform requires minimal training, enabling your team to dive right in. By eliminating the need for extensive training, ConnectQR ensures swift implementation, allowing you to witness results in no time.

ConnectQR is a potent and straightforward solution. Experience the same ease and effectiveness in harnessing QR codes for your business needs.


Tailoring QR codes to communicate effectively is our forte. Whether it's linking consumer products to their origin or integrating digital layers over existing systems, ConnectQR offers robust customisation options to meet your specific campaign goals.

Track Performance

Understanding campaign performance is key to optimisation. With ConnectQR, you gain access to detailed analytics through our platform. Monitor and analyse QR code performance seamlessly, empowering you to tweak campaigns and amplify consumer engagement.

*Dynamic QR only

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