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Increase customer delight with QR codes for restaurants

Give your guests a streamlined dining experience with restaurant-specific QR codes that improve menus, waitlists, loyalty programs and much more.

You’ll be able to assign different functions to ConnectQR’s dynamic codes and track them on your account dashboard.

Monitoring how each QR code is used and going through our deeper analytics will help you understand customer behaviour and give you important insights into what your guests like/dislike or if your latest promotion successfully generated more interest and sales.

Convenient and Attractive Menus

Customers can now scan the menu QR code immediately upon arrival and browse through beautifully-designed menus. They can order food easily by making their choices and confirming their order, which then goes through your POS and kitchen systems.

Menus can be updated in real time so you can remove items which are out of stock to avoid customer disappointment and add new items or photos whenever you need to do so. You’ll avoid wasteful spending on menu printing costs and your staff can focus on more tasks as they no longer need to take customer orders.

Virtual Waitlists

Customers can now scan a waitlist QR code at your guest reception area to get onto the waitlist and receive updates accordingly. Upon entering their contact information, you can enable features that let customers see their wait times and place in the queue but you can encourage further engagement by letting them browse the menu early or make certain requests in advance.

Other features such as automated reminders help retain waiting customers and make the entire waitlist process less stressful for your staff, who will have their hands full taking care of your packed restaurant.

Loyalty Programs and Feedback

QR codes in posters, check presenters and table displays can unlock many new ways to interact with your customers. QR codes can help drive sign ups for loyalty programs as they give customers time to consider all the important information and then track their activity and benefits with the restaurant.

You can also ask for feedback more easily at the end of meals and use this to improve your dishes, customer service and much more. QR codes can also help you promote special offers and events by displaying relevant information easily.

Take the guesswork out of restaurant operations by letting your guests scan your dynamic QR codes and interacting with what they like the most. Their choices can help you eliminate wasteful services and focus on crowd favourites.

5 reasons why you benefit from using QR codes in Restaurants

Fast Menu Updates

Each menu item can be accompanied by high-resolution photos for clarity and unavailable items can be temporarily removed during service to prevent disappointment or confusion.

Real-time Waitlists

Guests on waitlists can get an SMS notification when their table is ready and they can even check wait times on their phones.

Strategic Placement

QR codes can be strategically placed in your restaurant for maximum visibility and more engagement.

Efficient Feedback Collection

Collect feedback more easily with anonymous feedback forms and avoid illegible paper forms and painstaking manual data entry altogether.

Intuitive Customer Interactions

Customers can sign up for loyalty programs quickly through QR codes and track their activity and benefits all on convenient membership pages.

Why Choose ConnectQR

Australian Made and Owned

ConnectQR, prioritises the security and integrity of your data. Australian-made and owned, your valuable data is safe and secure. We adhere to stringent standards, ensuring the protection of your data throughout its lifecycle.

Ease of Use

Navigating our platform is a breeze. Designed with a visual and intuitive interface, ConnectQR streamlines the process of creating QR campaigns. Say goodbye to complexity and welcome a user-friendly experience that expedites your campaign setup.

Speedy Adoption

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. Our platform requires minimal training, enabling your team to dive right in. By eliminating the need for extensive training, ConnectQR ensures swift implementation, allowing you to witness results in no time.

ConnectQR is a potent and straightforward solution. Experience the same ease and effectiveness in harnessing QR codes for your business needs.


Tailoring QR codes to communicate effectively is our forte. Whether it's linking consumer products to their origin or integrating digital layers over existing systems, ConnectQR offers robust customisation options to meet your specific campaign goals.

Track Performance

Understanding campaign performance is key to optimisation. With ConnectQR, you gain access to detailed analytics through our platform. Monitor and analyse QR code performance seamlessly, empowering you to tweak campaigns and amplify consumer engagement.

*Dynamic QR only

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