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Travel and Tourism

Make Tourism More Accessible with QR Codes for Travel

Streamlining bureaucratic procedures and making trips more engaging means helping the broadest possible audience travel just a bit easier. Using QR codes helps you reach this audience because it is a worldwide standard that any smartphone user can access.

This means that QR codes are an intuitive way to streamline different aspects of travel, promote attractions or notify visitors of rules and regulations.

Filling out paper-based forms for travel procedures leads to paper waste, human error in writing and reading the text and other time-consuming issues but QR codes can easily bypass these issues. QR codes can handle flight check-ins, hotel reservations and other verification procedures resulting in faster, more convenient and more secure outcomes for all parties involved. There are many ways that QR codes can enrich the tourism experience but they can also be implemented, managed and tracked at scale making them a versatile, long-term solution.

Key Benefits of Dynamic QR codes in Travel and Tourism

Compatibility and Accessibility

All tourists will be able to use their mobile devices in many different settings

Faster processing

QR codes can be scanned quickly to reduce time during check-ins and other verification processes

Data Security

Dynamic QR codes are much more secure against fraud and tampering efforts

Smarter Analytics

Learn more about the preferences of tourists from around the world using advanced analytics

QR codes are globally recognised and they can be deployed to improve the travel experience at every level from the first check-in of the trip to learning more about a historic monument. Make the trip easier for tourists and repeat visits will surely follow.

Here’s how you can use QR codes for Tourism

Hotel Menus

QR codes in hotel rooms and in public spaces can display everything from the room service menu to important safety information


Scanning a passenger’s QR code displays all the relevant information needed to make check-ins faster and more organised

Travel Documents

QR codes for country-specific travel documents take the hassle out of carrying paper documents

Additional Info

Scanning QR codes at tourist spots and attractions can show videos and other media with additional information

Secure Payments

Cross-border QR payment platforms facilitate easy and convenient payments in interconnected regions such as Southeast Asia


Gather more feedback anonymously and give tourists a more comfortable way to share their thoughts

Local Promotions

Special tourism promotions are conveniently accessed through secure dynamic QR codes

Social Media Sharing

QR codes make it easier for tourists to follow local establishments on social media and keep track of events

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