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QR codes seamlessly connect physical to digital

This strategic placement allows for a smooth journey for consumers through the marketing landscape by quickly serving them with relevant information.

According to a report by Business Insider, the number of U.S. smartphone users scanning a QR code is expected to increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025. As the demand for contactless experiences continues to increase, QR code usage is anticipated to maintain its upward trajectory.

QR codes also serve as great tools for businesses and marketers to elevate brand visibility, increase lead generation and foster a deeper customer engagement. Their versatility and multifaceted utility make them indispensable assets in marketing today.

Here’s why you might want to use QR codes in your marketing

Seamless experience

They create a smooth transition from physical to digital, which leads to better engagement.

Track Performance

Monitor and analyse QR code performance to optimise your campaigns and boost consumer engagement.

*Dynamic QR only

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Dynamic editing

Dynamic QR codes let marketers change the linked content and track scan analytics, helping tweak campaigns for better results.


They’re a lot more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, making them a smart choice for campaigns.

Maximising your marketing funnel with QR codes

To make the most of your marketing funnel, QR codes are invaluable tools for businesses and marketers. Here’s how QR codes work:

Top of the funnel - Awareness Stage

QR codes on out-of-home ads like billboards, flyers, and banners can direct potential customers to your website or campaign landing page. This drives immediate engagement, allowing businesses to track interactions through QR code analytics.

Generating quality leads is crucial for growth. QR codes can direct consumers to sign-ups, promotions, or contact forms, aiding businesses in attracting the right audience and introducing their products or services effectively.

Middle of the Funnel - Consideration Stage

After generating leads, nurturing them is key. Dynamic QR codes strategically placed on products or in specific locations can retarget prospects on platforms like Facebook and Google. This facilitates the delivery of product information, influencing consumer decisions positively.

Bottom of the Funnel - Conversion Stage

The conversion stage is about turning leads into sales. QR codes at this stage can enhance the consumer experience, providing product tutorials, testimonials, and feedback surveys. This helps ensure leads take desired actions - signing up for demos or making purchases.

Generating quality leads is crucial for growth. QR codes can direct consumers to sign-ups, promotions, or contact forms, aiding businesses in attracting the right audience and introducing their products or services effectively.

7 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing

If QR codes aren't part of your offline marketing strategy, you're missing out! These codes are powerful tools for driving traffic, boosting customer interest, and increasing sales. Imagine using them for coupons, ratings, social media engagement, or contest entries.

Here are some creative ways to leverage QR codes for marketing:

Generate Leads and Revenue

Include QR codes strategically in your marketing materials to direct people to specific landing pages.

Direct Customers to Social Media

Drive traffic to your social media pages by placing QR codes on your marketing materials. A Facebook QR code, for instance, instantly allows people to engage with your page by liking, sharing, or leaving reviews.

Boost Customer Engagement

Amazon used QR codes to animate printed objects on delivery boxes, enhancing user engagement through augmented reality experiences.

Guide Users to Your Business Location

With location QR codes on marketing materials, businesses can effortlessly direct consumers to their physical locations without the hassle of manual searches.

Encourage Product Reviews

Use rating feedback QR codes to prompt customers to leave reviews. This not only gathers opinions but also rewards customers for their feedback.

Build Email Marketing Lists

QR codes on print ads or business cards can lead users to sign-up pages, helping marketers capture emails for newsletters, updates, and discounts.

Share Contact Details via vCard QR Codes

Share contact details through digital business cards, updating them dynamically without reprinting. This convenience saves both time and printing costs.

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